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Mar 24, 2011 11:00pm EDT
away. >> this incident has given us cause to look at this and we will review this situation and make a decision. >> some travelers wonder if it is from grueling schedules and fatigue. >> i wonder who puts one person and a tower control slaby -- slaby. >> they point to deadly consequences. this 2006, air crash in lexington, ky directedhad an overwhelmed traffic controller who made a mistake. >> one person would coordinate the emergency equipment. >> after they landed, the pilots told them all that he knew there were not in airplanes down below but was not sure about anything else. the flight safety foundation of alexandria is against the decision today to add an extra overnight controller, saying that the extra $6 million salary is not worth it. >> thank you. >>> we are following breaking news from the district. emergency workers have been on the scene on the 1200 block of every street in northeast washington for hours to pull in and from a trench. -- to pull a man from a trench. >> it has been a cold and harsh evening. in an instant, a construction worker found and saberi alive. res
Mar 23, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. >> and that is the voice of many felt about elizabeth taylor. she captivated us on screen. a movie star from the a-12, a veteran of more than 50 films from national velvet"nacional del the" to "a cat on a hot tin roof" 2 "cleopatra" where she met one of her husband's. her life was like an open book. >> i consume inordinate amount of alcohol and combined with pills it was deadly. >> she was one of the first hollywood starlets to talk about her battle with addiction and wait openly and her on-again and off-again romance is. she married an aspiring politician from virginia, john warner. in his orders, she helped lead the foundation for a 30-year career in the senate. >> thank you for all the heartfelt condolences that you have expressed for this iconic figure. >> the white man walker clinic in the district is named after elizabeth taylor and she worked tirelessly to help remove the stigma of aids pierre >> unbeknownst to many people, -- of aids. >> unbeknownst to many people she was instrumental to the awareness of aids in the united states. >> we will really mr.. >> at the time of her death today, she
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2